Picture Perfect

Just use #Hoopfest2015 on all of your photos of Hoopfest weekend.

Then come visit the CenturyLink tent in Riverfront Park and pick up your printed photo.

All for free.

It’s actually that simple.

Our friends at Photoboxx have revolutionized your Instagram and Twitter posts so that each photo you tag gets sent directly to their software, which prints your photos on site.

photoboxx 3



photoboxx 4

A business of just over a year old, owner and founder Michael Fisk is proud of the presence that Photoboxx has been able to have in the company’s home city of Spokane. Now expanding outside of the city, Photoboxx is always excited to be back “home,” especially for an event like Hoopfest.

“Our mission is to have as many Hoopfest participants as we can use the #Hoopfest2015 on Instagram and Twitter and collect their prints,” Fisk said. “We LOVE Hoopfest! We couldn’t imagine having a Spokane-based business in the event industry and not being a part of what’s happening at Hoopfest.”

Hoopfest is always full of unique moments and memories that you won’t want to forget. So tag those photos (make sure your settings are public) and visit the Photoboxx wall, located right next to the CenturyLink truck in Riverfront Park to pick up your copy.

Photoboxx 1

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