Playing KIND

What one friend of ours is doing to make the world—and Hoopfest 2015—just a little bit kinder. They’ll bring the snacks.


If you haven’t tried one yet, then you’re missing out. Look for the clear wrappers, marked with the signature colorful rectangles, accenting the letters “K-I-N-D.”

And while there are now nearly 30 different tasty bars and clusters out there for you to try, our partners at KIND Snacks are about more than just sustaining hunger. They are just what they claim to be: kind. To your body, to any community and to the world.

“In short, KIND is on a mission to make the world a little kinder, one snack and act at a time,” said Krystle Shaw, KIND’s Field Marketing Manager for Washington. “Through the KIND Movement, we aspire to make kindness a habit and a state of mind.”

KIND Snacks and Hoopfest share a passion for engaging the community in a fun and positive way, which is why we are excited to welcome them to Hoopfest 2015. While, yes, KIND has promised to bring its delicious snacks, their team is also adding some new initiatives to the Best Basketball Weekend on Earth.

Play KIND: We all know Hoopfest is a high-energy weekend, packed with competition, but at no expense do we ever want to sacrifice sportsmanship. Whether on or off the court, KIND reminds us that kindness should permeate all we do, be that a good sport, a good play or a good snack. Make sure to come see what KIND Snacks has in store for Hoopfest’s first-ever Friday Practice Round.

Redeeming Soles: Wherever its team goes, KIND Snacks always wants to make a tangible difference in the community it is visiting. At Hoopfest 2015, KIND and Hoopfest are partnering with Redeeming Soles, an organization that cleans up old shoes and donates them to those who need them. Whether it’s your scuffed up basketball shoes at the end of the weekend, or just those old kicks you never seem to wear anymore, KIND is enthusiastic about collecting any and all of your old and unwanted shoes at Hoopfest. If your shoes are too tattered to wear anymore, donate them anyway! Spokane’s Union Gospel Mission will be the recipient of all shoes collected at Hoopfest 2015. Any shoes that are unsalvageable will be recycled into turf for neighborhood playgrounds. What’s not to love?

On Friday June 26, a KIND tent will be set up at the Friday Practice Round area ; on Saturday and Sunday, KIND will have its Jeep out at the North 60 Lots of Hoopfest. KIND Snacks welcomes anyone at Hoopfest to either of these locations on these respective days to grab a snack and donate your shoes.

Do the KIND thing and stop by! 



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