Rockwood Becomes Major Sponsor

Last month, Rockwood Health System not only continued their sponsorship with Hoopfest but that they also jumped to a major sponsor.

“I could not be more thrilled for Rockwood Health System to be part of such an iconic Spokane event,” says George Hampton, the Marketing Director for Rockwood Health Systems. “The excitement and pride that the greater Spokane community brings to this event each year is truly unique and Rockwood Health System is pleased to be part of making Hoopfest possible.”

Rockwood has become iconic in the Spokane community as well—as they are the largest freestanding outpatient diagnostic and treatment center between central Washington and Minneapolis.

Rockwood sees more than 160,000 patients a year and employs more than 350 physicians and providers with a total of more than 1,450 employees. They offer more than 40 specialties and operate from 12 primary clinical locations providing concentrated medical and urgent care services and several other specialty care locations throughout Spokane and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

“With Deaconess and Valley hospitals and Rockwood Clinic’s network of primary care and specialty clinics most people in the Spokane area know who Rockwood Health System is,” says Hampton. “Many have come to depend on us for quality health care from world class medical experts in convenient locations. It is however, our commitment to building a strong healthy community that drives us to sponsor events like Hoopfest which are so important to the greater Spokane community.”

Hoopfest is excited about the collaborative future with Hampton and Rockwood Health System. “Rockwood is proactively working to keep our community active,” says Hoopfest Executive Director, Matt Santangelo. “From their collaboration in Spokane AAU to their partnership in Spokane Hoopfest, Rockwood is continually finding ways to engage our organization for the overall benefit of our community.

“Hoopfest is truly an experience unlike any other and I am excited that Rockwood Health System can work with Hoopfest to create more amazing memories for the participants and the greater Spokane community,” adds Hampton.

Just like Rockwood Health Systems, Hoopfest is looking forward to building a stronger and healthier Spokane.

Want to learn more about Rockwood? Check them out here!

If you’re interested in becoming a Hoopfest sponsor, check out our new website for details!

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