Rules and The Spirit of Hoopfest

play_rules_mcdonalds 2Each player that participates in Hoopfest is responsible for knowing the rules of the game. A full rule book is available at our website  or on the Hoopfest App.

Here are some rule highlights…

  • The first team to reach 20 points wins the game. Only if the teams are tied will an overtime session be played. In overtime, the first team to score two points will be declared the winner. No games will go over 20 points; if a game is tied at 19 points after 25 minutes, the first team to score will be declared the winner. For example:
    • Score of 19 to 18: No overtime is needed
    • Score of 16 to 16: First team to 18 wins
    • Score of 19 to 19: First team to 20 wins
  • Each basket counts as one point, but shots made outside of the arc count as two points. For all non-elite divisions, there is a 25-minute time limit on games, regardless of if either team reaches 20 points.
  • Court monitors are only responsible for calling fouls for third through ninth grade teams and elite divisions. In all other divisions, players are expected to call their own fouls.
  • One free throw will be shot for each foul called, unless the player was fouled behind the two-point arc, in which case they will be awarded two free throws unless it was a successful field goal, then the basket counts and no fouls will be awarded.
  • Third and fourth grade teams will play on baskets that are eight feet high, while all other brackets will play on ten foot baskets.
  • Make sure to get to all of your games on time, a team more than five minutes late to a game will be forced to forfeit.
  • The tournament is double elimination, with a consolation bracket for teams that lose their first two games.
  • Most of all make sure to maintain The Spirit of Hoopfest. Having good sportsmanship and cooperation is of utmost importance. We partner with McDonald’s to remind everyone to respect others around you; this includes your opponents, monitors and spectators. Be positive, cheer for your team and understand the rules of Hoopfest. Keeping your cool and maintaining a friendly environment is what makes Hoopfest the best basketball weekend on earth. Let’s keep it that way!

See a complete rulebook online, or on the Hoopfest App.

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