Shaun Key popped the “big question” at Hoopfest 2017

For many people, basketball is their first love. For Shaun Key, that was a concept he wanted to utilize in his life and future. Shaun recalls when he first met Kim Franco about three years ago.

“I was going through a serious health setback at the time, and Kim was really supportive,” Shaun explains. “We became better friends and we went to the same gym, where she helped me continue to take care of myself. She’s absolutely gorgeous and sweet, so I was definitely interested in her and wanted to pursue.”

As Shaun and Kim’s relationship became more serious, it was clear that one thing they had in common was their love for basketball. More specifically: Hoopfest Weekend.

“We both go to Hoopfest every year. Kim’s son, AJ (who Shaun lovingly refers to as his stepson), played basketball at a few local high schools. They [Kim and AJ] love Hoopfest, and AJ was playing this year, so I asked for his permission to marry his mom and also mentioned my idea of proposing on Nike Center Court.”

With AJ’s permission and approval of his idea, Shaun got to work to set the plan into motion, which required support and assistance from friends since the majority of Shaun’s and Kim’s families live out of state. One of Shaun’s buddies, KXLY 4 News and Good Morning Northwest broadcaster, Mark Peterson, was in on the plan.

“Mark interviewed AJ and Kim, so that AJ could give his mom a rose at Nike Center Court to show and explain how supportive she is and how great of a mom she is,” Shaun recalls. “That’s when I got behind her on one knee with another rose and asked her to marry me.”

(Pause. We need a tissue…)

When asked why he decided to propose on Nike Center Court, Shaun had this to say: “I was 110% ready to take that step with Kim, and I wanted to show her that by asking her in front of everyone.”

We also have some good news for those of you who were not at Nike Center Court the Saturday of Hoopfest… Kim said “Yes!”

“She was very emotional,” Shaun says. “What was really unexpected, but neat to see was AJ’s reaction. Even though he was in on it, he was emotional too. A lot of our friends were there taking pictures and were a part of the proposal. Family isn’t nearby, but the ones who are nearby were there and excited.”

Congratulations to Shaun Key on a thoughtful and unique proposal! We’re honored that you chose Hoopfest Weekend to honor your love for Kim Franco. Hoopfest sends you best wishes for your future! 

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