Smile and WIN!

Don’t let a dirty, dingy mouth be part of your defense on the court. A strong zone or man-to-man defense is a much better idea than neglecting your teeth. To keep your smile fresh and healthy, Smile Spokane and The Mighty Mouth have partnered once again to bring you Teeth Week 2017!

Did you know?

  • Good oral health for adults is just as important as for children?
  • 1 in 3 Spokane County adults has lost one or more teeth to decay?
  • Research reveals links between oral health and diabetes?
  • Dental care and treatment for pregnant women is not only safe, it’s recommended as part of a healthy pregnancy?
  • You can prevent cavities by brushing with fluoride toothpaste, flossing, visit the dentist regularly and smart snacking?
  • You’re healthier with a healthy mouth?

Smile Spokane is passionate about improving oral health in our community.

Started in 2015, Smile Spokane has grown to include numerous organizations that understand oral health is an essential part of overall health and have joined together to form an Oral Health Local Impact Network (LIN). “Our three-year goal is to make significant progress on reducing health disparities in Spokane County. We are working with community partners to coordinate and expand efforts to improve health and well-being by focusing on preventing disease, transforming health care delivery and expanding access to care” says Jerrie Allard, Smile Spokane Liaison. “We are so pleased to have Hoopfest as one of our partners.”

Spokane has a particularly high rate of decay because there is not enough fluoride in the water to prevent cavities. “Patients with intense mouth pain often end up in emergency rooms seeking expensive care for problems that are largely preventable,” Nick Velis, DDS and Smile Spokane Chair. “Two-thirds of older adults have moderate to severe gum disease, which is linked to other chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease and stroke.”

“We love to see the smiles of our Hoopfesters after a sweet swoosh, a big block and a team victory,” says Bailee Neyland, Director of Brand Strategy and Business Development. “So make sure you are in the know on how to keep those pearly whites clean and healthy… you never know when we may be snapping a pic of you at one of our events!”

Here are some easy ways you can be part of Teeth Week and WIN:

  1. Visit Smile Spokane on Facebook to nominate your favorite oral health pro. You could win a $50 gift certificate to Clinkerdager Restaurant for yourself AND the person you nominate.
  2. To make Teeth Week even more fun, they have added a new contest! The person or agency with the most posts hashtagged #Smile Spokane, #TheMightyMouth, #Teethweek, or #TogetherWeCan during Teeth Week will receive a $50 gift certificate to their favorite local pizza place. Visit Smile Spokane’s Facebook page for details.

Click here for some quick tips on Oral Health.

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