SMILE… It’s Teeth Week! And win $50!


“Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing, and there is so much to smile about.” -Marilyn Monroe

But how do you keep those smiles bright and healthy? Smile Spokane and The Mighty Mouth have geared up to bring you Teeth Week 2016, where you can get some fun and easy tips and tricks to keeping your mouth healthy. And, there’s an opportunity for you to win $50 to Clinkerdagger’s (keep reading)!


Smile Spokane grew out of a partnership of community leaders, advocates and agencies concerned about the oral health of our community. More recently, the partnership has adopted a formal mission, with strategies and an action plan to guide its work, and has grown to include more than 26 agencies and organizations.

“We are determined to work as a community to prevent oral disease and improve our overall health,” says Jerrie Allard, Smile Spokane Partnership’s Liaison.


In 2016, the Smile Spokane partnership has been focusing on three primary goals: strengthening and expanding the Smile Spokane Partnership network; increasing community education and awareness of the importance of oral health and the benefits of fluoridation; and promoting provider/patient education on the benefits of fluoride and fluoridation.


In fact, you may have seen Smile Spokane at Spokane Hoopfest 2016! Not only are they a proud sponsor of our tournament, with a backboard, but they participated in the event, as well.


Nicholas (Nick) Velis, D.D.S., F.A.G.D, the Chair of Smile Spokane, is a local dentist at Velis Family Dental Care in Spokane Valley and has been playing in Spokane Hoopfest for years. Growing up in Spokane Valley, Nick has become an advocate for personalized oral health care tailored for individuals’ unique dental needs and goals.

“Oral health is important for our community and it starts with each and every one of us,” Nick explains. “There are several easy steps that Smile Spokane provides, which everyone can take – the more we can spread the word the better!”

Teeth Week was started in 2012 by Mighty Mouth and joined forces with Smile Spokane in 2013. Now in its fifth year, Teeth Week will run October 8-16.


“It’s important for people of Spokane to have a good understanding of how important oral health is and how it relates to your overall health,” explains Allerd. “Throughout my career of quality of life issues, this is another way to continue that important work.”


Children with poor oral health are nearly three times more likely to miss school – and four times more likely to earn lower grades – and dental disease among children is five times more common than asthma and seven times more common than hay fever.

And good oral health is just as important for adults. Sadly, one in three Spokane County adults have lost one or more teeth to decay; five percent have lost all of their teeth.


  • Visit to acknowledge your favorite oral health professional and you could win a $50 gift card to Clinkerdagger!
  • Attend a scheduled event: click here to check out their listing for an event year you.
  • Spread the word: Engage with their social media sites (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and use #SmileSpokane, #TeethWeek and #TheMightyMouth.

Perhaps the Centers for Disease Control says it best, “Oral health affects our ability to speak, smile, eat and show emotions. It also affects self-esteem, school performance and attendance at work and school. Oral diseases – which range from cavities to gum disease to oral cancer – cause pain and

It’s never too early to start good practices for oral health; visit today for tips and tricks, and remember…

You’re healthier with a healthy mouth!


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