Some of our favorites from #HoopfestIn5Words

Well Hoopfesters, you rose to the challenge! With Hoopfest 2017 less than six weeks away, and knowing how much Hoopfest means to so many, we posed a tough test on social media: We asked you to describe the largest 3on3 basketball tournament in the world in just five words or less!

As the hashtag was used, we kept an eye out and gathered some of our favorites. Check ’em out!

We can’t go without noting that our Major Sponsor, Numerica, jumped in on the fun with their response.

This one came to us via Twitter. We have Matt who relates Hoopfest to a favorite holiday. We agree!

Facebook commenters came alive to share their #HoopfestIn5Words summaries.

Our Instagram followers didn’t want to miss out on all the fun. Check out their awesome responses!

Thanks for all of those who shared their #HoopfestIn5Words on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You heard it from our Hoopfesters: you don’t want to miss our family-friendly, fun-filled, community-focused, basically-like-Christmas tournament weekend. Join us for Hoopfest 2017 and experience it for yourself!

Need to register your team? Hurry and do so here, before it’s too late. The final date to register is May 22. 

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  1. Mingo Scott says

    Heart, hustle, friends, fun, history!

    • says

      Wow, Scott!

      Loving the adjectives you chose. We’d have to agree!

      Thanks for sharing. (:


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