Spokane AAU brings Nike Hyper Elite to the game

The Nike Hyper Elite Basketball journey began on April 14, 2013 at the first EYBL tournament of the year. Since then, Nike has obsessed every component of the ball from the inside out. Validation through EYBL and Elite NCAA players has inspired the perfect ball that allows for optimized control on the court.

“Our program, like the game itself, is always evolving,” explains Executive Director, Matt Santangelo. “Our partnership with Nike allows us to take advantage of the innovation in equipment, most notable our basketball. We are excited that our league will offer the same ball that will be used at the highest level of elite youth basketball.”

Incorporating feedback from the world’s best NCAA and high school players, Nike hit on one theme… “I must be in control.” Digging further into this notion, Nike found what the “enemies of control” are:

  • Poor grip – moisture or hardness
  • Poor feel – channels, surface texture
  • Unpredictability – weight, rebound, shape

So Nike presents us with their newest innovation, with the following key features:

  • Softer material for improved grip and touch
  • Tailored channel for natural control
  • Innovative debossed dimple design for better feel and moisture management
  • Innovative carcass for responsive touch
  • Tighter factory standards for more consistent shape, weight and rebound

You can check out these new basketballs during our Spokane AAU league season and tournament play!

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  1. Christine says

    Where can I purchase this ball?

    • bailee@spokanehoopfest.net says

      While we will have these special engraved basketballs for league play, we do not have any for sale in our office. However, if you want the generic Nike ball (without the Spokane AAU logo) you could probably find it at Dicks Sporting Goods.


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