Spokane Hoopfest Team Runs Bloomsday

Bloomsday 2016 marked the second consecutive year for the Spokane Hoopfest Corporate Cup team, One Shining Moment. All five members of the Hoopfest team finished the race injury free and feeling accomplished. Let’s meet this year’s team.


Dave Jackson is an original member of the first Hoopfest board and currently resides on the Hoopfest Operating Committee and the Site Maintenance Engineering sub-committee. His favorite part of Hoopfest weekend is driving the forklift all around. To say he enjoys running is an understatement, in the past 37 years he has only missed running Bloomsday once. Along with numerous fun runs, 5k and 10k’s Dave has averaged 8-10 half marathons each of the last six years totaling over 50 half-marathons in all.

Next in line on the team was Hoopfest Marketing Director Bailee Neyland. Bailee stays busy all year marketing to different entities through print, web, and digital media, while also bringing in sponsorships. She says her favorite part of Hoopfest is the energy the event brings. “It’s amazing how for a single weekend we have a national presence being in Spokane, Washington. It’s truly a community event, whether you’re playing, watching, or volunteering.” Bailee says she enjoys running to support local societies and causes. She began getting into running 5k’s and got more serious on distances of half and full marathons when her friend told her about Team In Training (TNT), a fundraising program that supports the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Speaking of directors….. as busy as he is, this year’s team was lucky to have Matt Santangelo, Hoopfest’s Executive Director. This year marked his eighth year participating in the event and showed no signs of letting it be his last. In regards to Hoopfest, Matt has a hand in nearly everything. When asked about what makes it so special he commented, “The enthusiasm and passion around the people that put in the time and effort to pull this thing off at the magnitude that it needs to be is contagious.” Matt also says, “It’s all the people that put in the behind the scenes work on weekends to each volunteer that demonstrates the strength in the community.”

The fourth member of the team was Jim Destefano. Jimmy D has been an essential part of the Hoopfest community for 24 years now as an active of the Operating Committee. Along with Dave, Jimmy D shares a lifelong passion for running. As an active runner for the past 37 years he has run all but the first two Bloomsdays. He comments his favorite part of Bloomsday is the satisfactory feeling of crossing the finish line.

Last but not least the fifth member of the Hoopfest team was, Meg Rapp. Meg is a marketing intern at Hoopfest and was a Bloomsday rookie this year. As a current member of the Gonzaga soccer team she embraced the challenged on conquering Doomsday. She already has plans about running again next year.

Just like Bloomsday, Hoopfest relies on its volunteers to make its event function. Sign up today to volunteer.

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