Strength for Rebounding

Great rebounders don’t wait for the ball to come to them… they go get it. Pursuing rebounds requires mobility and strength above your head in every direction. While general strength exercises are helpful for most athletes, basketball players need to train for the specific demands of their game. The Overhead Shoulder Matrix was designed by the Gray Institute and is the perfect rebounding exercise for battling under the boards.

The Perfect Rebounding Exercise
The Overhead Shoulder Matrix utilizes the fact that there are three planes of motion that your body has to be strong in: sagittal, frontal, and transverse.

We rebound in the sagittal plane when the ball is in front or behind us.

We rebound in the frontal plane when we side bend in the air.

We rebound in the transverse plane when we have to rotate to grab the ball.

As a general rule of thumb, basketball players should focus on total body exercises instead of isolation exercises in the weight room. The Overhead Shoulder Matrix strengthens all the muscle that link from your feet to your hands.

Here’s a quick video of my favorite rebounding exercise:

You’ll find that lifting weights in the sagittal plane is a lot easier than lifting them in the frontal plane. Adjust your weights based off your personal strengths.

If this is your first time doing the Overhead Shoulder Matrix, choose lighter weights. Using 2.5 lb. to 5 lb. dumbbells will allow you to get comfortable with the form and go through a full range of motion.

Building your body for basketball starts with hard work and a properly designed basketball strength program. Commit to hitting the weight room every week and over time you’ll see gains on the court.

The countdown to Hoopfest has started. Train hard and I’ll see you on the streets of Spokane!

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