Taking Spokane Hoops To New Heights

On November 11, SYSA and Spokane Hoops Association tipped off a new youth basketball program for grades 2 and 3. Teaming up with BUILT4BALL, our new program is designed to teach the fundamentals of the game to younger players, emphasizing mastery of skills in a fun environment. The program includes four weeks of instruction and five weeks of league games.

“We are fortunate to have a great team of coaches led by Donnie Santos to deliver the content with high IQ and  tremendous enthusiasm,” says Matt Santangelo, Spokane Hoopfest’s Executive Director. “Our job is two-fold: 1) To create excitement and passion for the game of basketball 2) To prepare young athletes with the skills necessary to continue to grow with the game.”

Over 140 boys and girls rotated through four stations that helped them practice ball-handling, defense, shooting and proper warm-ups. These players were also taught the importance of following instructions through games such as “Coach Says”, a variation on the popular “Simon Says” game.

Spokane Hoops Association sees youth programs as the foundation for readying players for future opportunities in other programs. Beginning in grade 4, players can participate in the Spokane AAU Basketball League, where they can further develop skills in a competitive setting.

By practicing fundamentals, good listening and encouraging positive sportsmanship, Spokane Hoops Association believes young athletes are learning valuable life tools that will prepare them for success on and off the court.

Register now for our K-1 Developmental Basketball League!

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