The “good kind” of traveling with Utrip

Figuring out the travel itinerary is a critical step in finding your way to the Best Basketball Weekend on Earth! Hoopfest is a proud partner of Utrip, the industry leader in cutting edge travel services. Officially launched in 2014, Utrip focuses on travel customization. Artificial intelligence and information about you are used to customize and create the best possible itinerary for your vacation.

Lewis Krell, the Director of Business Development for Utrip, refers to himself as “a massive basketball nerd” and urges basketball lovers everywhere to find their way to Hoopfest at some point in their lives. “Hoopfest is so much more than just a basketball tournament,” explains Krell. “It is a celebration, a festival, a family friendly event, a party, a homecoming, a tradition and it is a tremendous showcase of everything that is great about it’s host city of Spokane.”

And we at Hoopfest agree!

Hoopfest has partnered with Utrip to create a personalized trip planning and itinerary building service for all players, guests and other Hoopfest attendees. If you head to, you can learn about all the great things to see and do in Basketball City, USA based on your individual interests and budget. Here’s the best part: “All itineraries are optimized for geography, seasonality, all of the amazing special events happening in Spokane during Hoopfest and thousands of other data points to make trip planning intuitive and enjoyable for everyone,” says Krell.

The partnership of Utrip and Hoopfest makes sense. Utrip values unique experiences and emphasizes what makes individual destinations so special. As the largest 3on3 outdoor basketball tournament in the world, Hoopfest qualifies as a unique experience!

“Our partnership with Utrip is important not only in attracting people to Basketball City, USA come tournament weekend,” says Hoopfest Director of Brand Strategy and Business Development, Bailee Neyland, “but also to promote the many things that make our city so special to those visiting for the first time, and for those who haven’t been back in while. Utrip makes it easy by customizing the itinerary for Hoopfesters, based on their preferences.”

Other than encouraging Hoopfesters to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate throughout the weekend, Krell also wants Hoopfest attendees to explore other events that are happening around Spokane during our streetball tournament.

Be sure to plan your trip to Hoopfest 2017 using the Utrip planning experience!


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