The Story Behind the Fountain


Spokane Rotary Club 21 celebrated their 105th birthday last month, as well as their new partnership with Spokane Hoopfest. After being founded in 1911, by 26 community leaders, Spokane Rotary Club 21 has grown to over 300 members and is devoted to service above self. The club members pride themselves on serving others before themselves and they live out that motto by partnering with numerous nonprofit organizations.


Each year, Spokane Rotary Club 21 provides grants that total well over $100,000 for nonprofits and is also very involved in the Downtown Spokane area. “We are involved in almost every summer event in downtown Spokane,” says Meagan Garrett of the Rotary Club 21. “Most are through our Rotary Fountain at the entrance of the park that serves as a cooling off place of joy and fun for children and adults alike.”


In December 2004, the Rotary Club 21 funded the campaign to begin the install of the Rotary Riverfront Fountain in Riverfront Park’s main entrance, and is also the sight behind the Toyota Shootoff at Hoopfest.


The fountain has five 24-foot tall stainless steel columns that hold a 30 foot ring and 40 overhead jets. These jets spray toward the middle and create a downpour of water. The fountain also has a filtration system that recirculates and conserves water. 


Spokane Rotary club also hosts a Veteran’s picnic every summer to honor local veterans and also holds a very special event called Foster Kid Fest, which the club helps find forever homes for foster children.

Spokane Rotary Club 21 is excited to join the fun this year at Hoopfest 2016. “Spokane Hoopfest is an incredible event in our city that draws an international audience, with a long history of being an economic supporter for not only our community but the nonprofit initiatives it benefits as well,” says Meagan, “There are a lot of synergies between Hoopfest and Rotary.  We are an international organization with a philanthropic mission to better the community in which we live and serve, as is Hoopfest.”

The Rotary Club 21 has graciously donated their free team entry, through their sponsorship, to The Spokane Tribe for a team to play in Hoopfest. Meagan said, “What a blessing it is to our club to get to already see an impact like that in the community from our Sponsorship dollars and our involvement with Hoopfest.”

With the 2016 tournament being Spokane Rotary Club 21’s first Hoopfest, Meagan and Spokane Rotary Club 21 “…are excited to take it all in and experience it from this sponsor perspective for the first time.”

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