The Weekend for a Court Marshal and Monitor


Ever wonder what Hoopfest Weekend is like for those 87 marshals that wear redshirts and secret service headsets and walk nearly the distance of a marathon over the weekend? Tevin Gianella was a first year marshal and he will be sharing some of his experiences.


Court marshals are divided among four sections for the event and are assigned between eight and 10 courts each. Their jobs include assisting the court monitors, maintaining order on the courts, notifying response teams when injuries or crisis situations arise, enforcing player eligibility, making sure all courts have the equipment needed for the games to occur and essentially are the eyes and ears of the tournament.

Before marshaling this year, Tevin, a Gonzaga graduate student had played in Hoopfest for the past five years. Playing in the family division with his three brothers, he claims usually he is the one barking at the monitors and commanding the marshal’s attention. Tevin says, “If I go back to playing next year I will never say a word to the monitor or a marshal again, they have some of the toughest jobs at Hoopfest, and having players yell at them only makes their job harder.”  Court marshals, more than anything, just try to get the players back to playing basketball. The marshals want everyone to have a positive experience even if at times that means they have to be the bad guy.

On Friday, Tevin’s marshal role was to be a part of the team that measured in the elite six foot and under players. Along with Dr. Eric Sohn and head eligibility marshal Dave Binford the three made sure the 120 elite players were true to their application height. The trio actually disqualified five players from competing in the tournament for being too tall for their division. They informed the teams that they would either have to continue with the three eligible players or had one day to make a player change. “As hard as it was to tell some players they could not play and see the disappointment on their faces, it was extremely rewarding Saturday morning to be thanked by other teams in the elite division for keeping the event clean and fair,” Tevin says.

Besides maintaining order on the courts, injuries are a huge aspect of a court marshal’s duties. Many of the athletes, especially in the older divisions, have not been training for multiple games of basketball. These weekend warriors often push their bodies to the limit over the course of the weekend and sometimes things give. Tevin says, “we court marshals are almost always first on the scene, we do everything in our power to make the athletes feel comfortable and safe until medical assistance can arrive.” Many marshals are trained in CPR and first aid and have extensive backgrounds working with injured athletes.

As a marshal this year Tevin said another great experience he had was being able to hand out KIND Snacks sportsmanship awards. KIND Snacks, a major sponsor this year provided each marshal with sportsmanship coupons that players could redeem for a bag of prizes and gear. “It was a great gesture for us marshals to be able to reward certain teams who played really hard and by the rules demonstrating the spirit of Hoopfest,” Tevin says. Ultimately, at times sportsmanship can be lost in events like these where competitive attitudes take over. It is extremely important for Hoopfest and for basketball for a sponsor like KIND to see the importance of good sportsmanship.

Beyond getting Nike shoes, a dri-fit polo, shorts and a hat, being a marshal means you are a part of the 3,000 volunteers that can say they helped make Hoopfest happen. Tevin says, “It was an incredibly rewarding experience for me and on Saturday morning I got to interact with some of my Gonzaga idols. Ronny Turiaf and Adam Morrison came up to me and asked me for directions to Adam’s daughter’s court. Star struck, as I spent years watching them both play I had to gather myself to tell them where they needed to go.” Hoopfest thanks all of its marshals, monitors and many volunteers that make the weekend possible.

We would like to give a special thanks to our many Court Marshals and their Court Monitors that ensured we had a fun and safe Hoopfest weekend:

Court Marshals

Danny Adams
Allan Bafus
Danny Beard
Robert Berg
Paul Bergman
David Binford
Kelly Bleggi
Joe Blumel
Emily Brooks
Cal Brown
Mike Bull
Mick Buller
Chris Carothers
Lee Cavasier
Darryl Chitwood
Michele Clarke
Rick Colon
Jenn Craze
Mike Crowley
Jim Diehl
Stephen Divilbiss
Ernie Donlan
Kip Erickson
Chuck Filippini
Claire Fischer
Will Flanigan
Ann Galbraith
Randy George
Tevin Gianella
Doug Goldsmith
John Gonnason
Mike Gregory
Diane Gwynn
Donald Hatch
George Hietala
Scott Hoagburg
Jim Hopkins
Jim Jacobson
Roger Jamison
Chuck Janssen
Ricky Jennings
Charles Johnson
Craig Jones
Walter Kachnik
Peter Lipton
Norm Lochten
Brice Logan
Chris Marchese
Jeanine McClain
Hal McGlathery
Ron McIntire
Mac McLean
Otto Mock
Mark Muelheim
Larry Myers
Riley Myklebust
Paul Nelson
Cuong Nguyen
Fred Ostermeyer
Milt Rowland
Marc Schatz
Joe Schmitz
Randy Schwaegler
Jon Schwartz
Thomas Schweifler
Rob Servine
Jeff Setter
Brian D. Sheldon
Tim Shelton
Mark Sinclair
Bryan Smith
Douglas R. Smith
Laurie Smith
Josh Soehner
Mark Stanger
Todd Startzel
Josh Terris
Mike Terris
Gene Thomas
Brian Ulrich
Renee Volz
Jamison Wagner
Dennis Williams
Kelly Williams
Shane Wilson
Keith Witt
Craig Wycoff


Court Monitors

Name Year as a Court Monitor
Abrams, Jon 1st
Ackerland, Jeffrey 1st
Alban, Bailey 1st
Alhasawi, Sarai 1st
Allen, Arthur 1st
Allert, Caela 1st
Alwattar, Aws 1st
Andersen, Ashley 1st
Anderson, Terrance 1st
Andress, Derrick 1st
Barfield, Candice 1st
Barnes, Chelsea 1st
Beausoleil, Ashley 1st
Bell, Curtis 1st
Bell, Isaac 1st
Belschner, Derek 1st
Benoit, Brandon 1st
Benson, Ashley 1st
Berg, Amber 1st
Bernard, Christopher 1st
Berry, Natasha 1st
Bird, Sierra 1st
Black, Corrin 1st
Blazon, Zach 1st
Bolen, Tony 1st
Bortier, Jerryson 1st
Bradford, Anthony 1st
Brar, Joy 1st
Breazeale, Corbin 1st
Brigman, Alexandria 1st
Brown, Daisy 1st
Brown, Jon 1st
Brown, Kyle 1st
Brown, Kyle 1st
Brown, Sam 1st
Brown, Tyree 1st
Brunke, Daniel 1st
Brunke, Daniel 1st
Bruyer, Keith 1st
Buckner, Juleah 1st
Bullock, Frederick 1st
Burnside, David 1st
Burr, Jeffrey 1st
Bursch, Kimberly 1st
Cabada, Anthony 1st
Cain, Latisha 1st
Capellen, Bill 1st
Caraker, Cassidy 1st
Carlson, Keelie 1st
Carreras, Marissa 1st
Carreras, Michele 1st
Carter, Clayton 1st
Carter, Lance 1st
Casey, John 1st
Cathcart, Elizabeth 1st
Cavasier, Jared 1st
Caviness, Justin 1st
Cesal, Rylee 1st
Christian, Austyn 1st
Christian, Marquita 1st
Chute, Greg 1st
Cloud, Myrna 1st
Clough, Calvin 1st
Cochran, Kate 1st
Cola, Barbara 1st
Coleman, Brevin 1st
Coleman, Daniel 1st
Coleman, Preslie 1st
Conde, Daniel 1st
Condon, Doreen 1st
Condon, Serena 1st
Connor-Boyle, Sorcha 1st
Consiglio, James 1st
Coordes, Austin 1st
Countryman, Blake 1st
Countryman, Lindsay 1st
Cousins, Garrett 1st
Cowles, Tamera 1st
Crandell, Randee 1st
Croson, Chrissandra 1st
Crum, Richard 1st
Culberson, Kirk 1st
Cummins, Shannon 1st
Curry, Montavis 1st
Cylkowski, Hannah 1st
Dalton, Kennedy 1st
Daniel, Ben 1st
Daniels, Shane 1st
Darban, Keyan 1st
Darban, Ross 1st
Davis, Alexis 1st
Davis, Andrea 1st
Davis, Drew 1st
De Smeth, John 1st
Dean, Robert 1st
Dean, Robert 1st
DeJulia, Dominick 1st
Deleon, Leo 1st
Delos Santos, Keith Patrick 1st
Devaney, Abigail 1st
Diana, Carl 1st
Diaz, Asiamay 1st
Dick, Michael 1st
Digiulio, Janice 1st
Dillon, Dustin 1st
Dinlocker, Robert 1st
Doering, Donal 1st
Doherty, Cheyenne 1st
Dombrowik, Kristin 1st
Dombrowik, Zach 1st
Douglas, Alexas 1st
Douville, Chadwick 1st
Dowdle, Caroline 1st
Dumas, Jesse 1st
Dunkley, Mary 1st
Dunn, Shariah 1st
Dutton, Jordan 1st
Dyson, Brianna 1st
Eckhardt, Samuel 1st
Emeche, Ike 1st
English, Tony 1st
Estribi, Andy 1st
Etten, Jaimey 1st
Faataitai, Grace 1st
Fairbanks, Hunter 1st
Fairfield, Kathryn 1st
Falk, Steven 1st
Farmer, Jim 1st
Farris, Donaven 1st
Fennessy, Tim 1st
Fernandez, Luis 1st
Fife, Charles 1st
Fimbres, Jacqueline 1st
Fink, Trevor 1st
Finn, Paul 1st
Finney, Aaliyah 1st
Fitzhugh, Adam 1st
Flager, Dean 1st
Franco, Rudy 1st
Frederick, Dennis 1st
Frederick, Polly 1st
Friedlander, Mikel 1st
Friedman, Christopher 1st
Fruci, Christina 1st
Fry, Soloman 1st
Fuller, Ben 1st
Gallardo, Mike 1st
Garbuz, Christina 1st
Gardipee, John 1st
Gardner, J.T. 1st
Garrison, Jon 1st
Gavigan, Jim 1st
Gentemann, Michor 1st
Gentry, Chris 1st
Gill, Olivia 1st
Gilliam, Darryn 1st
Gilligan, Padraig 1st
Girdner, Stephen 1st
Glasser, Ashtyn 1st
Goenen, Hillary 1st
Gordon, Natalie 1st
Gorski, Mark 1st
Gradl, Michael 1st
Grant, Eric 1st
Granucci, Joshua 1st
Gray, Melissa 1st
Green, Darius 1st
Griffin, Jehmaisa 1st
Guzman, Greg 1st
Haag, Lindsay 1st
Haag, Tre 1st
Hair, Michael 1st
Haith, Idris 1st
Hall, Matthew 1st
Hall-Fleming, Melanie 1st
Hansen, Adam 1st
Hansen, Christina 1st
Hanson, Rebecca 1st
Harris, Angelo 1st
Hawn, Naomi 1st
Hayes, Michael 1st
Heaton, Kane 1st
Heintz, Jacey 1st
Heller, Kenyon 1st
Helms, Nahomme 1st
Helms, Nahomme 1st
Henrich, Parker 1st
Henson, Claire 1st
Heppler, Tommy 1st
Heppler, Tommy 1st
Herford Jr., Martin 1st
Herford, Martin 1st
Hiatt, Carl 1st
Hicks, Bailey 1st
Higgins, Steve 1st
Hill, Dean 1st
Hines, Peyton 1st
Hintz, Diane 1st
Hodgen, Colleen 1st
Hodges, Billy 1st
Hornyak, Stephen 1st
Hoshowski, Shannon 1st
Hossfeld, Caitlyn 1st
Hovland, Pamela 1st
Howard, Derek 1st
Howell, Kaitlin 1st
Howell, Kaitlin 1st
Hudson, Tara 1st
Hugdahl, Sherry 1st
Huston, Sara 1st
Imhof, Hugh 1st
Ingram, Terry 1st
Jackson, Gil 1st
Jackson, Larry 1st
Jacquet, Cederic 1st
Jarboe, Amanda 1st
Jarboe, Austen 1st
Jayachandran, Balamurali 1st
Jennings, Steve 1st
Johnson, Aubree 1st
Johnson, Charissa 1st
Johnson, Debbie 1st
Johnson, Zach 1st
Johnston, Wyatt 1st
Jones, Jallien 1st
Juarez, Jacob 1st
Kalpakchi, Zhanna 1st
Kammerer, Howard 1st
Kardash, Mariah 1st
Karger, Jacob 1st
Keane, James 1st
Kearney, Katie 1st
Kellogg, Jordan 1st
Kelly, Danny 1st
Kemink, Katie 1st
Kingston, Kerry 1st
Kircher, Johnny 1st
Knaeble, Kelce 1st
Knapp, Peggy 1st
Knotts, Toby 1st
Koester, Asher 1st
Kofa, Amos 1st
Kreiger, Chris 1st
Krogstad, Traie 1st
Kruse, Abbie 1st
Kuck, Robert 1st
Kunzman, Eric 1st
Kyle, Anthony 1st
LaGasse, Jon 1st
Lang, Trevor 1st
Larrinaga, Michele 1st
Larson, John 1st
Lawrence, Dave 1st
Lawrence, Ethan 1st
LeBret, Sierra 1st
Lee, Anna 1st
Lewis, Kerry 1st
Li, Katie 1st
Lindebak, Erik 1st
Liske, Pete 1st
Lockman, Levi 1st
Lohstroh, Dakota 1st
Lopez, Julian 1st
Lopez, Shari 1st
Lorenz, Wayne 1st
Loy, Teisha 1st
Lucker, Sydney 1st
Lund, Steven 1st
Lusk, Jim 1st
Lyles, Glenn 1st
Mace, Olivia 1st
MacLeod, Jeremy 1st
Mannan, Levi 1st
Manns, Sean 1st
Mansfield, Samantha 1st
Marck, Laura 1st
Marshall, Madison 1st
Martin, Kelly 1st
Matthews, Hannah 1st
McDuffie, Stephanie 1st
McGloflin, Janine 1st
McKee, Ashley 1st
McLean, Brian 1st
McNamara, Riley 1st
McNulty, Joseph 1st
Meafu, Sarah 1st
Meager, Greg 1st
Medina, Gilverto 1st
Mercer, Tatum 1st
Messke, Colin 1st
Michael, Jarmell 1st
Millot, Brenan 1st
Minden, Brittney 1st
Minden, Karlie 1st
Minden, Loni 1st
Minor, Desirae 1st
Mitchell, Latasha 1st
Mitchell, Rebecca 1st
Mobley, Shelby 1st
Modas, Nick 1st
Mohammed, Ahnonymas 1st
Money, Mariah 1st
Moore, Carter 1st
Moore, Jordan 1st
Moreno, Amanda 1st
Morris, Cierra 1st
Morris, Terry 1st
Moua, Jason 1st
Mowry, Jake 1st
Muma, Connor 1st
Myers, Andrew 1st
Myers, Charlie 1st
Nance, Bradley 1st
Ndayizeye, Elvis 1st
Nelson, Kaleb 1st
Newberry, Matthew 1st
Newman, Ronald 1st
Niederstadt, Janet 1st
Novela, Alex 1st
Oberender, Jeremy 1st
O’Connor, Bud 1st
O’Connor, Bud 1st
O’Doherty, Sean 1st
O’Doherty, Sullivan 1st
Olguin, Yazmin 1st
Olmstead, Nicholas 1st
Olmstead, Nicholas 1st
O’Neill, Frank 1st
Oneill, Lonnie 1st
Oquendo, Shawna 1st
Ouyang, Janice 1st
Owens, Greg 1st
Pace, Kyara 1st
Pace, Kyara 1st
Padayao, Sam 1st
Page, Larry 1st
Pardee, Martin 1st
Parker, Brenda 1st
Payseur, Chris 1st
Paz, Lindsay 1st
Penn, Sydnee 1st
Peone, Danielle 1st
Perez, Tiana 1st
Peringer, Kaci 1st
Peugh, Josh 1st
Pfau, Evan 1st
Phelan, Jordan 1st
Pierce, Douglas 1st
PInyan, Matthew 1st
Pinyan, Richard 1st
Pita, Javier 1st
Podris, Gary 1st
Potts, Jacob 1st
Pravitz, Kevin 1st
Pruitt, Christine 1st
Queen, Granville 1st
Ragodo, Vincent 1st
Raider, Tami 1st
Rakoski, Brieanna 1st
Randall, Larry 1st
Ray, Noah 1st
Redthunder, Joseph 1st
Reed, Alan 1st
Reeder, Matthew 1st
Rees, Michelle 1st
Reeves, Kayla 1st
Reilly, Kesley 1st
Remington, Miranda 1st
Reugh, Brayden 1st
Rich, Jocelyn 1st
Richardson, Eli 1st
Risley, Tena 1st
Risley, Tena 1st
Roberson, Cameron 1st
Roberts, Beckey 1st
Roberts, Emily 1st
Roberts, Paul 1st
Roberts, Robyn 1st
Robertson, Bobby 1st
Robertson, Zane 1st
Robinson, Brian 1st
Robnett, Leslee 1st
Roe, Elon 1st
Romero, Anita 1st
Rondeau, Ayana 1st
Rondeau, Cameron 1st
Rondeau, Candida 1st
Rose, Jennifer 1st
Ross, Keyhon 1st
Roth, Tyler 1st
Rothschild, Darren 1st
Rothschild, Darren 1st
Rusho, Shawna 1st
Russon, Del 1st
Sablan, Olivia 1st
Salle, Austin 1st
Salmeron, Adriana 1st
Salmeron, Adriana 1st
San Nicolas, Josefina 1st
Sanchez, Cruz 1st
Sanders, Marissa 1st
Schaubert, BoJangles 1st
Schauer, Joe 1st
Schofstoll, Jacob 1st
Schroll, Chris 1st
Schumacher, Kayla 1st
Shane, Tyler 1st
Shell, Cameron 1st
Shepherd, Sean 1st
Sherman, Adrian 1st
Shippy, Suzanna 1st
Short, Brian 1st
Shriwas, Mahesh 1st
Shriwas, Malvika 1st
Shultz, Brian 1st
Silver, Matthew 1st
Simmons, Matthew 1st
Simons, Nick 1st
Singleton, Tyza 1st
Skipper, Gregory 1st
Skipper, Luke 1st
Smedley, Warren 1st
Smith, Brady 1st
Smith, Christopher 1st
Smith, Dejion 1st
Smith, Dustin 1st
Smith, Leslie 1st
Smith, Shelly 1st
Smith, Tony 1st
Sokha, Alan 1st
Soto, Patricia 1st
Sovereign, Abigail 1st
Spragg, David 1st
Sprinkle, Isiah 1st
Staden, Derek 1st
Steen, James 1st
Stokes, Joshua 1st
Suiter, Jason 1st
Sumihiro, Melissa 1st
Swanson, Parker 1st
Swanson, Parker 1st
Swope, Matthew Jay 1st
Tareski, Tony 1st
Tatum, Trudy 1st
Taylor, Tom 1st
Templer, Robert 1st
Thomas, Kayletta 1st
Thomas, Maxine 1st
Thomas, Nate 1st
Thompson, Kiarra 1st
Tibbett, Ryan 1st
Tibbits, Timothy 1st
Tillotson, Kaedyn 1st
Tran, Dennis 1st
Trowbridge, Chloe 1st
Tuon, Channrathanak 1st
Turner, Kristin 1st
Undercoffler, Debra 1st
Underdahl, Conrad 1st
Urquhart, John 1st
Valdes, Eduardo 1st
Van Etten, Hunter 1st
VanGerpen, Jacob 1st
Vernor, Amanda 1st
Villarrial, Brook 1st
Voss, Joshua 1st
Walker, Miranda 1st
Walker, Rrana 1st
Walter, Kristy 1st
Warren, Tierre 1st
Weber, Erin 1st
Wellington, Marissa 1st
West, Larry 1st
White, Marcus 1st
Wilcken, Alicia 1st
Wilcken, Alicia 1st
Williams Jackson, Madison 1st
Williams, Derek 1st
Williams, James 1st
Williams, Melissa 1st
Wingfield, Jim 1st
Winters, Patrick 1st
Wisehart, Faith 1st
Withey, Jason 1st
Womble, John 1st
Wood Sr., Danny 1st
Workland, TJ 1st
Wyatt, Tommie 1st
Yehl, Terri 1st
Yochum, Katie 1st
Yoder, Nathan 1st
Young, Travis 1st
Youngman, Bailey 1st
Zebedeo, Nash 1st
Aponte, Lindsey 2nd
Bautista, Crystal 2nd
Blackorby, Brian 2nd
Bousley, Jeff 2nd
Bray, Tim 2nd
Burke, Grace 2nd
Callaghan, Cody 2nd
Carlson, Rodney 2nd
Cavasier, Trevor 2nd
Chandler, Michael 2nd
Clark, Kerry 2nd
Conko, William 2nd
Cook, Shelley 2nd
Cook, Shelley 2nd
Davis, Isaiah 2nd
Elkins, Ace 2nd
Erickson, Aaron 2nd
Faulkner, James 2nd
Foreman, Donavon 2nd
Gathright, Kevin 2nd
Ginn, Jonathan 2nd
Goodson, Lacy 2nd
Goree, Ron 2nd
Greer, Daniel 2nd
Harrnetiaux, Todd 2nd
Hewing, Jershawn 2nd
Hofstee, Scott 2nd
Hudlemeyer, Chad 2nd
Jaeger, John 2nd
James, Brandon 2nd
James, Brandon 2nd
Kenny, Matthew 2nd
Koeller, Marissa 2nd
Le, Charlie 2nd
Llamedo, Amanda 2nd
McCoy, Kevin 2nd
McDonald, Arnold 2nd
McGlenn, Randy 2nd
McLucas, Taylor 2nd
McMillan, Savanah 2nd
Miller, Cyndy 2nd
Miller, Lance 2nd
Netzel, Joelle 2nd
Olmos, Jesslin 2nd
Paul, Sophia 2nd
Petticolas, Konner 2nd
Plumb, Jonathan 2nd
Poffenroth, Mike 2nd
Poffenroth, Ryan 2nd
Pomranky, Ed 2nd
Preston, Shawn 2nd
Quintasket, Ed 2nd
Rausch, James 2nd
Rector, Chelia 2nd
Robinson, Scott 2nd
Ruiz, Rich 2nd
Shill, Marc 2nd
Silk, Troy 2nd
Silvers, Kacey 2nd
Simpson, Brett 2nd
Sims, Robert 2nd
Smith, Terry 2nd
Spilker, Leo 2nd
Staben, Luke 2nd
Stamey, Cody 2nd
Stanley-Jones, Callan 2nd
Startin, Sean 2nd
Stevens, Greg 2nd
Syrotchen, Ariel 2nd
Tran, Nhung 2nd
Vogel, Brent 2nd
Walters, Robert 2nd
Woodbridge, Kreg 2nd
Zisumbo, Manuel 2nd
Armstrong, Jacob 3rd
Austin, Derrick 3rd
Ayres, Steve 3rd
Azzinnaro, Steve 3rd
Beaudry, Justin 3rd
Brown, Randy 3rd
Burns, Kent 3rd
Burns, Nolan 3rd
Burts, David 3rd
Carson Sr., Bob 3rd
Champaine, Gretchen 3rd
Chastek, Michael 3rd
Conger, Gina 3rd
Corrigeux, Kim 3rd
Dean, Trenae 3rd
Durant, Cody 3rd
Durfee, Brody 3rd
Edwards, Brian 3rd
Edwards, Caley 3rd
Floch, Michael 3rd
Franks, Robert 3rd
Gayda, Robert 3rd
Graham, Michael 3rd
Grayban, Scott 3rd
Hamilton, Chris 3rd
Hammer, Adrian 3rd
Howard, Jamie 3rd
Huntsinger, Travis 3rd
Johnson, Robert 3rd
Kneib, Ryan 3rd
Latiolais, Ken 3rd
Martin, Julia 3rd
Maxwell, Ryan 3rd
McFaul, Greg 3rd
McGlockin, Kay 3rd
McNally, Elizabeth 3rd
Molner, Deric 3rd
Morgan, Al 3rd
Nelson, Cody 3rd
Nelson, Jim 3rd
Nelson, Jim 3rd
Nelson, Karinne 3rd
Nguyen, Thao 3rd
Ohmann, Tyler 3rd
Petersen Jr., Robert 3rd
Piaskowski, Ben 3rd
Ramelow, Cherie 3rd
Rohde, Ryan 3rd
Schmidt, Vince 3rd
Schmidt, Vince 3rd
Scott, Matthew 3rd
Shamp, John 3rd
Smith Jr., Warren 3rd
Smith, Avery 3rd
Smith, Garnet 3rd
Van Etten, Kevin 3rd
Willoughby, John 3rd
Wilson, Bobby 3rd
Young, Sheryl 3rd
Zachman, Jenny 3rd
Akins, Steve 4th
Armstrong, Addison 4th
Armstrong, Addison 4th
Bova, Tony 4th
Briggs, Stephanie 4th
Brulotte, Randy 4th
Burks, Crystal 4th
Bustamante, Kyle 4th
Carlson, Evelyn 4th
Denson, Mendie 4th
Edwards, Joseph 4th
Flodin, Erik 4th
Flodin, Erik 4th
Gallert, Chad 4th
Glaza, Bob 4th
Granger, Chuck 4th
Gregg, Chris 4th
Hardy, Samantha 4th
Helling, Matt 4th
Howerton, Aaron 4th
Hoyt, Chad 4th
Keenan, Mike 4th
Kruse, Peter 4th
Kurth, Tim 4th
Lauderdale, Deidre 4th
Leming, Jerry 4th
McNally, Renee 4th
Moore, Ron 4th
Netzel, Jeanette 4th
Perry, Walter 4th
Peterson, Joseph 4th
Peterson, Tracy 4th
Phillips, Grant 4th
Presley, Pat 4th
Raynor, Luke 4th
Schmidt, Kali 4th
Scott, Michael 4th
Smith, Kevin 4th
Smith, Larnell 4th
Smith, Michelle 4th
Smith, Zackary 4th
Steiner, Mark 4th
Stewart, Alexandria 4th
Storlie, Toby 4th
Tyree, Zachary 4th
Vera, Robert 4th
Westbrook, Kashmira 4th
Barton, Marcus 5th
Bible, Joe 5th
Craddock, Mike 5th
Deartola, Frank 5th
Dillon, Kelly 5th
Donlan, Chris 5th
Guerena, Francisco 5th
Gunning, Tim 5th
Heavey, Tom 5th
Hinshaw, Larry 5th
Huston, Michaela 5th
Johnson, Cheri 5th
Kelly, Ed 5th
Kleinknecht, Billy 5th
Knutsen, Stephanie 5th
Laffitte, Barney 5th
Marianno, Keenan 5th
Martin, Holly 5th
Miner, Keith 5th
Morey, Kenn 5th
Mowrey, Ryan 5th
Olsen, Stephanie 5th
Pavey, Zig 5th
Rauch, Sharon 5th
Scaroni, Chris 5th
Taylor, Darryl (Skip) 5th
Trengove, Todd 5th
Ying-Clark, Monica 5th
Allen, Steven 6th
Anderson, Archie 6th
Besaw, Nathan 6th
Bowerman, Brent 6th
Chipley, Aaron 6th
Chipley, Aaron 6th
Clark, Karis 6th
Cornell, Charles 6th
Cunningham, Chris 6th
Gross, James 6th
Hoff, James 6th
Howard, Craig 6th
Jennings, Koryn 6th
Kafflen, Brandon 6th
Kee, Mindi 6th
Killin, Chris 6th
King, Verne 6th
Kirkpatrick, Thomas 6th
Payne, April 6th
Pflugrath, Angie 6th
Scruton, David 6th
Smith, Connie 6th
Stevens, Dale 6th
Terris, Katie 6th
Verner, John 6th
Williams, Jaime 6th
Williams, Jaime 6th
Wilson, Dave 6th
Armstrong, Carissa 7th
Beail, David 7th
Blash, Greg 7th
Christensen, Bob 7th
Dansereau, Erika 7th
Dietz, Rob 7th
Ensminger, Jerry 7th
Greer, Tim 7th
Hughes, Devin 7th
Kennedy, Eric 7th
Kim, Amy 7th
Martin, Derek 7th
McLean, Zach 7th
Mock, Jeff 7th
Opland, Grant 7th
Payne, Tabi 7th
Petersen, Richard 7th
Stanger, Annie 7th
Wash, Shawn 7th
Wright, Gregory 7th
Besaw, Randy 8th
Denny, Juan 8th
Griffin, Thomas 8th
Hayes, Kevin 8th
Hocking, Josh 8th
James, Chris 8th
Kirk, Jim 8th
Kries, Shannon 8th
Lile, Lola 8th
Perkins, Terry 8th
Spencer, Darryl 8th
Sullivan, Jay 8th
Viramontes, Michael 8th
Warren, John 8th
Will, Rolfe 8th
Williams, George 8th
Babinski, John 9th
Cappello, Jim 9th
Daggett, Garret 9th
Ghan, Jason 9th
Klein, Joshua 9th
Lewis, Earl 9th
Poppe, Mary Kay 9th
Berg, Bill 10th
Eglet, Steve 10th
Garcia, Felix 10th
Hoover, James 10th
Peterson, Clark 10th
Poffenroth, Jeff 10th
Swartout, Tim 10th
White, George 10th
Gunstrom, Donald 11th
O’Bleness, Jeff 11th
Raynor, Mike 11th
Tindal, Dianna 11th
Van Guilder, Chris 11th
White Sr., Dale 11th
Baranowitz, David 12th
Clark, Chris 12th
Dettmann, Brad 12th
Glassmoyer, David 12th
Hautala, Matthew 12th
Redmon, Chuck 12th
Reeves, Heidi 12th
Hritsco, Carlton 13th
Murray, James 13th
Cook, Ken 14th
Gomez, Santos 14th
Gomez, Santos 14th
Leute, Norbert 14th
Leute, Norbert 14th
Searcy, Randy 14th
Walker, Ron 14th
Banning, Ruth 15th
Brown, Leland Dean 15th
Easter, Timothy 15th
Isotalo, Dan 16th
Schulz, Roy 16th
Cone, Keith 17th
Hritsco, Derrick 17th
Lindor, Tracy 17th
Valadez, Larry 17th
Morris, Rick 18th
Pearce, Jolie 18th
O’Neill, Shane 20th
Day, David 21st
Hedlund, Sharon 21st
Tombari, John 21st
Haydon, Tom 24th
Hills, Ronald 25th
Hansen, Dave 26th
Wendel, Larry A. 27th

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