Tips and Tricks of Preparing for Hoopfest with Northwest Sports Network


With all the spirited competition that comes with Hoopfest weekend, inevitably, comes a few injuries. We corresponded with Dr. Fralich about the importance of taping the body and how taping can prevent short or long term injuries. Fralich, a Spokane native and participant of Central Valley High School’s first undefeated basketball state championship team, is currently the Chief of Sports Medicine at CMA as well as the Medical Co-Director of the NW Sports Network. Fralich completed her sports medicine fellowship at the University of Massachusetts outside of Boston.


From Fralich’s perspective, athletic taping provides joint support and helps prevent injuries by protecting the body from unnecessary abnormal joint motion. Taping can be useful for treating both acute and chronic injuries by supporting the joint and controlling swelling in some cases. Laura also highlighted the importance of going through proper treatments to acute injuries. Acute injuries are sudden injuries that are associated with a traumatic event such as colliding with another player on the court or even rolling an ankle. For an acute injury the best treatment is RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression (i.e. ace wrap or tape), and Elevation. After RICE treatment, it’s vital to go through injury-specific rehabilitation to regain range of motion, reduce swelling, improve function and restore strength.


Laura also discussed a need of proper training and conditioning for Hoopfest weekend. Training for Hoopfest can prevent injuries because it strengthens muscles, improves flexibility, and optimizes cardiovascular health. Participants can get ready for Hoopfest by simply playing basketball, which is a great cardiovascular strength conditioning workout. Basic stretches that will help prepare for the weekend include the quad, hamstring, calf, and shoulder. Strengthening exercises for basketball can include single leg squats, wall sits, calf raises, using resistance bands while walking or squatting, and core exercises such as planks and bridges. Basic upper body exercises such as push ups, upper back exercises, and shoulder exercises help strengthen the upper body that will prevent a variety of injuries.

With Hoopfest 2015 hitting a record high 112 degrees Fahrenheit, proper precautions are needed to ensure players are not only playing their hardest but more importantly, playing safe. At Hoopfest, we want to ensure quality of basketball at all levels while also taking the necessary precautions so that players can continue to return for years to come.


Thank you Dr. Fralich for all of your advice, we are eager to see all the fun and competition of Hoopfest 2016!

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