Train Your Core for Basketball

Go to most gyms and you’ll see people training their core muscles by doing Sit-Ups, V-Ups and Crunches. While these exercise are helpful in strengthening your abdominals while lying down, basketball players need core strength when cutting, posting up and finishing at the rim. If you want to get more than just six-pack abs out of your training, keep reading to learn three ways to create basketball core exercises.


Training should be specific to the demands of your sport. Since basketball is played standing up, basketball core exercises should be performed standing up.

Gravity affects us differently depending on our position. When we train in a vertical position, we build functional strength and improve balance to make us more effective on the court.


Our core muscles need to decelerate and accelerate movement in three planes of motion. Exercises like crunches improve flexion and extension but leave us weak when we need to bend and rotate.

Basketball core exercises should included side-side and rotational patterns that mimic the movements we do on the court. Make sure to constantly switch up your training. Doing a variety of exercises will improve your adaptability on offense and defense.


The majority of abdominal exercises performed in the gym are done slowly to increase the burn. While controlling motion is important, our core muscles also need to be explosive.

Make sure to perform basketball core exercises at the same speed you move on the court. Since you rotate quickly on offense, you should rotate quickly in the weight room.


My favorite basketball core exercise is the Medicine Ball Double Fake. It’s helped me rip the ball through defender’s hands and increase the quickness of my live-ball moves.

Here’s a quick video of the MB Double Fake:

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