Two Traveling Marshals

Every year, Hoopfest is made possible by the 3,000 plus volunteers it takes to run the basketball-packed weekend in downtown Spokane, of which approximately 100 are deemed the imperative Court Marshals.

“Court Marshals are critical to our success at Hoopfest,” explains Operations Manager Chad Smith. “With an emphasis on safety and sportsmanship, having trained and engaged marshals on hand to support our Court Monitors and players is imperative.”

And for these two particular Court Marshals, Hoopfest is more than simply a tournament.

“Hoopfest brings families and friends together from all over the state and beyond,” explains Court Marshal Mike Crowley. “It is a boost to Spokane businesses, and has created an additional basketball and sports culture here in Spokane to compliment the Gonzaga excitement we have every year.”

Mike has been volunteering with the organization for over 15 years now. After having played a few years and finding himself without a team, he decided the next best way to get involved was this.

“I found it to be a lot more fun than playing. There are so many volunteers that make it work each year, just seeing them come back each time makes me want to continue to participate; they make my job easier and rewarding.”

After hearing the need for additional volunteers, Larry Myers, volunteer of over 16 years, had decided to sign up and help out and has been with us ever since.

“I have chosen to make Hoopfest the one organization to donate my time each year,” says Larry. And, while he may miss out on getting to experience all of the festivities happening throughout the weekend, he explains “one of the best parts of being a Court Marshal is getting to watch a lot of great basketball.”

When asked what Hoopfest means to each of them, they both responded with one theme: Community.

“I know that is a dopey answer, but it works,” jokes Mike. “It really is something that you cannot describe to someone; they have to see ‘it’ to understand ‘it.’”

“With the amount of organization and volunteer help, it shows the rest of the country what it takes to be a great community,” adds Larry.

Both Court Marshals exceed expectations year after year, and joined us again this year at our second annual Vegas 3on3 Tournament.

“Mike and Larry are two of our very best!” exclaims Chad. “They bring a professional, yet fun approach to our events in Spokane and Las Vegas. We are truly fortunate to have them on our team.”

Want to join our Hoopfest family next summer and be a part of the magic that makes our community?

Email Chad Smith at

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  1. Cal Brown says

    Larry started with me in 2004 and received high marks. In 2005 I again rated him “an excellent fit for 9th grade” In 2006 I recommended him to you, Chad, as a Marshal candidate. In 2009 and 10 he worked as my Rover, learning just exactly what is required of a Marshal. In 2010 I wrote to you that he was “the Perfect Marshal material and the Best guy I had ever worked with. That must have done it because 2011 was his first year as a Marshal. There is a soft spot in my heart for Larry, thanks for recognizing him as you have.


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