Visit Spokane!


This year, Visit Spokane will be hosting the information tents during Hoopfest Weekend.  Visit Spokane is a great tool for anyone looking to enjoy a fun weekend around the town. Whether you are from Spokane or are just here for the weekend, Visit Spokane gives you all that you need to have a great time during Hoopfest Weekend. If you are new to Spokane, you can go on their website and check out all of the wonderful hotels that Spokane has to offer. You can also check out all of the great and tasty restaurants that you can dine at during your stay. Even if you live in Spokane, Visit Spokane has tons of exciting things for you to do, check out and experience. No matter how acquainted you are with Spokane, you can easily find something that you have not already encountered.

The Visit Spokane Information tents will help guide you through the whole weekend, by providing you with maps and other valuable information to help you have the best experience. The information tents are also where you find lost items and is also where we will watch over lost children until they are picked up.  Here are the locations for the Visit Spokane Information Tents:

  • Post and Sprague
  • Washington and Main
  • In between Post and Wall on Main
  • Riverfront Park, Next to the Carousel
  • Civic Theatre Parking Lot

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