When a special Hoopfester goes from saying ‘I will…’ to ‘I do’

Have you ever wondered how our Hoopfest shirt designs come about each year? What about the rest of the merchandise found lining the shelves of the Hoopfest store presented by Nike?

Kevin Kibler is one of the many faces behind the printing of our merchandise and for Hoopfest 2017, he also played a large role on the designs.

But seeing his design over Hoopfest weekend wasn’t the only crowning moment of his summer…

Hoopfest wants to congratulate Kevin and his new wife Laina on their marriage less than a month ago!

“Hoopfest really is a family… from our team in the office to all of the people that help create that magic every year!” explains Bailee Neyland, Director of Brand Strategy and Business Development. “And Kevin is definitely a part of that family. Being able to witness Kevin, who’s always willing to help with anything – always saying ‘I will work on that design right now,’ ‘I will change that out no problem,’ ‘I will send you something I’ve been working on’ – say ‘I do’ was exciting.”

This year has seen a lot of new steps for Kevin. On top of designing and his new marriage, his former job at Action Apparel has sprouted into a new position and a new business Onsite Apparel. Action Apparel is a huge partner of Hoopfest, helping print, screen and embroider all of our merchandise for all of our programs throughout the year.

“My responsibilities range from cultivating relationships with our clients, planning apparel selections, managing employees, creating art, working with other artists and of course working hands on at every event,” he said.

This allowed him to focus on both his normal responsibilities with Hoopfest as well as some of the Hoopfest shirt and merchandise designs.

“Bailee (Neyland) and I have very similar tastes and when we approach designing, our critiques of what is missing, what needs to be added and where it needs to be added is usually the same,” explains Kevin. “Not only that, but it’s not a traditional business relationship so we won’t hesitate to FaceTime to discuss a design or text each other past midnight about a new concept or last second change. I believe it creates a synergy that results in some great stuff.”

Kevin loves the family-like partnership with Hoopfest, and so do we!

“I’ve been working with Hoopfest the last decade, and the last few years has been pretty special. What I love about it is that when I walk into the office we give hugs and high fives and it’s like catching up with family,” Kevin smiles.

Hoopfest is happy to have built such a strong relationship with Kevin throughout the years – watching him as a player, a partner and a friend – and we cannot wait to continue to work with him on future projects!

If you are interested in helping Hoopfest create magic with designs for our various programs (Hoopfest, AAU, IBA), please contact Bailee Neyland at bailee@spokanehoopfest.net.

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