When the “Oops” happen during Hoopfest, visit one of our First Aid Stations

When you take hoops to the streets, sometimes scrapes and bruises happen. Our Providence First Aid Stations will assure that any injuries you may get during Hoopfest 2017 will be properly addressed.

Providence is committed to keeping Hoopfesters safe and healthy.

“With more than 7,000 employees, Providence is part of this wonderful community – we live, work and play here. At the core of our mission is to create healthier communities, together. Hoopfest is another example of showcasing our community, welcoming visitors to Spokane and helping ensure we stay healthy,” Anne McKeon, of Providence Health Care Community Relations says.

By collaborating with other health care partners, the medical tents will help treat and triage any Hoopfesters in need of assistance. There are three First Aid Stations throughout our site that have care teams from Providence who provide services to keep everyone going.

  • Parking lot on the corner of Spokane Falls and Washington

  • Intersection of Main and Post

  • East of Spokane Arena on Howard and Gardner

For more serious injuries, they guarantee rapid response, which involves a large regional emergency system working closely together to efficiently get people to the treatment they need.

“One thing we love about our Hoopfesters is that they play hard and cheer loud to give it their all during our tournament weekend,” expresses Bailee Neyland, Hoopfest’s Director of Brand Strategy and Business Development. “Their safety is our top priority during the largest 3on3 basketball tournament in the world. With the support and expertise of Providence, players and spectators will receive quality assistance at our First Aid Stations should their hard work result in injury.”

While Providence is happy to serve any Hoopfester in need of assistance at their medical tents, they would rather you stay out of their tents, healthy and injury-free! To make sure you have the best weekend possible, Providence asks you to take some steps to prepare yourself for Hoopfest weekend.

Adam Richards, RN, Director of Emergency and Trauma Services at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center says, “The three most common Hoopfest-related, and preventable injuries are sunburn, dehydration and muscle injuries.”

Here are Adam’s suggestions to help you prevent these mishaps at Hoopfest 2017.

  1. Sunburn: If the sun is out (and this means in clear and cloudy skies) put on sunscreen and protect your skin. The courts can be hot, the asphalt can radiate heat and the sun can be scorching.
  2. Dehydration: Hoopfest participants go hard, all day long – whether it’s on the courts as a player and volunteer, or walking all over downtown Spokane as a spectator, everyone needs to drink plenty of water in addition to other electrolytes (like Gatorade). It’s also important to start hydrating several days before the weekend event.
  3. Muscle injuries: Every year we tally how many Achilles tendon ruptures come in. This can be due to minimal to no stretching and the high impact of basketball moves.  Warm up and stretch.  Proper training and stretching can really reduce the chances of tendon and ligament sprains and strains.

Preparation is key for everyone attending Hoopfest. From head to toe, take the time now to prepare for playing in and attending Hoopfest. Here are more tips to help you remain injury-free during our event.

  • Start getting in some cardio activity.
  • If you need new shoes, get them now and work them in.
  • Begin a stretching routine to help loosen muscles.
  • Start hydrating now instead of the night before.
  • Bring your sunscreen.
  • Fuel your body with the nutrients it needs.

Hoopfest is less than 10 days away. We’re prepping to have The Best Basketball Weekend on Earth, and we hope you are too!

Bring your sunscreen, water and your smiling faces Hoopfesters; See you soon!

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