Words from our Executive Director: Spokane Hoops EBL

Spokane AAU Regional Basketball Club has operated as Spokane AAU since the fall of 1989. It has been and continues to be the best of the best in youth basketball in our region. As we look to improve and enhance our basketball programming, we have made the decision to move away from the name Spokane AAU and transition to Spokane Hoops Association. For various reasons, this will help us to better differentiate our platform in our region and beyond.

For those of you that are familiar with Spokane AAU, the mechanics of our program will look and feel very similar to what they are now. Spokane Hoops Association will remain an AAU sanctioned club for our league and tournaments. Our players and coaches will remain AAU card carrying members and receive all the benefits of that service. For the sake of continuity, you will also see “formally Spokane AAU” included in our name for next season. However, one significant change will be the designation of our current league as the Elite Basketball League (EBL). This will take place for the 2018-2019 season. Again, the naming designation allows us to layer in multiple levels. For example, our Developmental Basketball League (DBL) is currently running for kindergarten through first and second through third grade athletes. We will look to build in other levels when appropriate with the goal of offering basketball to athletes of all levels.

As we continue to rise in the game, we encourage all of you to rise with us. Become involved, coach, teach and support our mission and our programs.

Excited and have questions or want more information? Please feel free to email us!

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